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Truth: In the decade from 2004 to 2013, the number of states recognizing same-sex marriages grew from 4 to 21. … Fiction: What if these couples had more political power? A LOT more power … so much so that 12 states would join alternative lifestyle forces to become the gay male republic of Mariposa. Another 12 states would make up the lesbian nation of Lesboterra. This is the fantastical landscape which serves as the backdrop for this screwball comedy … LAST STOP EDEN.

It's 20 years into the future … and a time when sexual liberation makes the flower power 70's look like a game of spin the bottle. Sperm is the new cash crop as the remaining straight states knuckle up to provide the reproductive fluids needed so Lesboterra can make little lesbians.

But this isn't good enough for Lesboterra's queen, Katie Buffarilla. Her leather and lace bustierre is wrapped a little too tight … as she takes a dominatrix view towards coast-to-coast lesbian supremacy.

Throw into this volatile mix of politics and sexual libido … Jack Adams and Jennifer Evans - a heterosexual couple finding themselves on the wrong side of the state line. It's a courtship caught in the headlights of a pink Peterbilt.

Jack is a Salt Lake City cop who's been propositioned once too many by geriatric hookers. He's looking to exit stage north to Canada. But a funny thing happens on the way to the border. He's misdiagnosed as being gay and sent to the nearest gay male processing center in Poke-A-Fellow, Idaho.

Jennifer Evans bumps into Jack at the border crossing and it’s love at first sight. She's also fleeing the country, because her father, team doctor for the Austin Apostles football team, has been kidnapped. Dr. Evans' knowledge of steroids is second only to Barry Bonds. Buffarilla wants Evans to speed up the process and strength of her potential estrogen-laced legion of Amazon Lesbians.

As if Jack doesn't have enough to worry about, Nathan Steel, an over-zealous gay fitness instructor from Idaho, mistakes Jack's rebuffs for playing hard to get … and chases Jack across the western U.S.

Lionel Humperdink is the weak-kneed, limp-wristed ruler of Mariposa. He's a lackey to Queen Buffarilla and his main political contribution is toga party fundraisers.

George Buck Mason is the president of the remaining straight states of America. He's made his millions by exporting sperm to the women of Lesboterra. The only thing more important than money to him is his football team, the Austin Apostles.

Jack escapes from Buffarilla's clutches. He must save Jennifer and her father … and warn the country about her diabolical plan of dyke domination. But who can he turn to? Who's in bed with who?

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August 4
David Belisle
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