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You've probably noticed ...

Churches aren't growing.

Young adults are walking away.

Volunteers are hard to recruit.

Leaders are burning out.

And the culture is changing faster than ever before.

There's no doubt the church is in a moment in history for which few church leaders are prepared.

You can look for answers, but the right response depends on having the right conversation.

In LASTING IMPACT, Carey Nieuwhof leads you and your team through seven conversations that will help your church grow and have a lasting impact.

What if ...

• Having the right conversations could change your trajectory?

• There was more hope than you realized?

• The potential to grow was greater than the potential to decline?

• Your community was waiting for a church to offer the hope they're looking for?

• Your best days as a church were ahead of you?

Maybe the future belongs to the churches that are willing to have the most honest conversations at a critical time. That's what Lasting Impact is designed to facilitate.

Religion & Spirituality
October 6
The reThink Group, Inc.
The reThink Group

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P-G-6 ,

A conversation all church leaders should have.

I grabbed Carey’s latest book looking to maybe pick up a few bits of quotable material but soon found myself in the middle of a conversation. Carey handles a subject that a lot of church leaders are sensitive about with honesty, clearly and with grace. He doesn’t pull punches, but isn’t looking to knock you out. He simply loves the church, wants to see it grow and isn’t afraid to to talk about what it will take to see it happen. No matter your role in church leadership, get a copy of this book and read it with your leadership team! The conversations just might lead to your church growing like God intended!

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