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Build Lasting Love, Intimacy, Joy & Happiness Into Your Marriage

What if your marriage can be one of those success stories you hear about being more in love on your 50th wedding anniversary than on your first? What if you could enter into deeper levels of intimacy, love, and communication with your spouse than you ever thought possible?

Amazon's bestselling author, Dustin Heiner shares his years of research and studying how God created marriage to be a blessing and intended to last forever. Based on years of research and implementing the proven marriage secrets from the bible, Dustin and Melissa Heiner have a marriage they could only dream about. Entering into a long list of godly men like John MacArthur, Francis Chan, Emerson Eggerichs, Timothy Keller, Gary Chapman, Gary L. Thomas, Dustin Heiner looks to the bible to understand how the Lord created marriage.

Lasting Marriage gives you the wisdom you need to:
• How to have healthy and loving relationship with your spouse
• How to love and serve each other to grow and strengthen your marriage
• How to be more in love on your 50th wedding anniversary than you were on your first
• How to grow closer to your spouse as you grow closer to God
• How to strengthen and build lasting love into your marriage for a healthy and loving relationship
• How to divorce proof your marriage
• How to develop deeper levels of intimacy with your spouse
• How to prioritize things in your life to best strengthen your marriage
• How to bless each other every day of your lives together
• How to see your marriage become healthier, stronger, and more loving than ever before

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November 15
Dustin Heiner
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