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Lauren's Creed Wings to Fly is a story of what can be achieved when one dares to believe in one's child.
Lauren Winbanks is an inspirational young person living with Autism and Intellectual Disability.
On the second day of grade prep, Lauren’s parents were “counselled” by the local school to avoid holding any expectations of their daughter who, because of her significant special needs, would “amount to nothing”.
With a twin brother, Matthew, to factor into such a heart wrenching decision it was never going to be an easy road to travel. Indeed, it was akin to riding a rollercoaster of emotion, blood, sweat and tears!
This is the story of a family forced to ride the rollercoaster that is disability. Somehow, Lauren’s mother Dianne (with the support husband Jeff) had to find the resolve to remain true to one’s convictions in the face of the overwhelmingly loud, negative voices ‘lowering the bar’ on young Lauren.
This story is about believing, about setting a child up to succeed and what is possible when those working with a special young person like Lauren, put all their energy into working together collaboratively.
Importantly, this book is a powerful statement, which Dianne refers to as “Lauren’s Creed” - based on all that the Winbanks family learnt to be true as a result of an incredibly tough journey. To this end, Lauren’s Creed Wings to Fly is filled with useful, practical, easy to implement support strategies that make it a must read for anyone working with a child with special needs.
Lauren has made a habit out of proving the doubters wrong. In doing so, young Lauren and mother Dianne challenge all to re-frame how we support the disabled. The success story that is Lauren Winbanks will challenge, provoke and inspire. Lauren’s Creed Wings to Fly will move the reader to share the vision of a world where Lauren is not the exception but the norm!

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March 10
Dianne Winbanks
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