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His name is Lucien Denu. Lucien is an Upyr (Upyr) and is over three hundreds of years old. Since the day he was turned he immediately only ever wanted one thing, his true mate. As an Upyr, Lucien knew someday his true mate would call out to him. When she did, he would find her and he would bound her to him in blood. Last night, when Lucien heard Lavender’s soul calling out to his, he was ecstatic. Lucien has visited her many times over the years in her dreams but to finally have her near him was beyond amazing. He’s waited to be with her for nearly three hundred years. When she started to call to him a few years back in her dreams, Lucien had become restless and started to seek her out in the physical world. He knew she would be young enough when he found her to have an Upyr couple turn her so that she could be immortal like him and they could spend eternity together.

Lucien felt lucky that Lavender called to him so young. Being able to find and turn one's true mate was very rare. Most Upyrs that find their mates don’t have that opportunity. Most of the time the human has already lived too many years as a human and no longer be capable being turned. That is why most Upyr couples consisted of an Upyr and human. They simply share their immortal blood with their human mate and it expands their life three to five times a normal human. If Lucien hadn’t found Lavender, like a typical couple he would gladly have spent three hundred plus years loving his human. Then when Lavender’s time was up, Lucien would join her.

Last night when Lavender’s soul called and told his it was ready to bond with his should have been the happiest day of his life. Now however while the sun shone brightly outside Lucien laid alone in his bed while Lavender was probably less than a thousand feet away from him. She should be at his side but instead she doesn’t even know Lucien really exist.

Lucien burst through the clearing and caught his first glimpse of his amazingly beautiful mate. She was wondrous. Oh Lucien knew she was going to be the most attractive female he’d ever set eyes on but his true mate was a true beauty to behold. She had gorgeous shoulder length, curly, red hair that framed her face to perfection. She stood a little over five foot seven with a very shapely yet sporty body frame. The perfect combination of athletic and curves in all the right places.

Young Adult
December 26
Kalalea George
Smashwords, Inc.

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