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There are literally thousands of parenting books on the market but very few that place the child as the teacher and the parent as the student.

Our times are ones of exponential change, advancing so rapidly that information from our childhood seems antiquated and out of date. Now, more than ever we must harvest our learnings quickly and stay up-to-date and contemporary as parents. 

We are in an age where connection with each other is digitally abundant, yet we have never been more disconnected as individuals. Parents are becoming especially vulnerable, as we no longer live in extended families and supported communities. 

By sharing my stories and challenges I want to give others the acquiescence to be vulnerable and expressive and create a global community weaving the teachings and fresh approaches to support one another, together. 

Life is different in today’s times and children are different today—they are plug and play ready, questioning and asking for information earlier. 

For the first time in history parents have to throw out the old ‘rules’ known about raising children and rewrite their own. This book is a step-by-step process to learning newer ways for parenting in today’s modern world.

Learning from Children has the fundamentals and framework for you to achieve more peace in your parenting and teaches the importance children play in our learning, it’s here we have a place to begin.

This work will reset your new foundations and allow you to look within to learn the importance of knowing yourself as part of the process, and in turn we will all see children in happier environments at home, school and the world around us.

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