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My name is Lee Jacks and I’ve lived a life that few could imagine. When you grow up as the son of a crack whore with little more than the clothes on your back most days being accepted by your peers is the last thing you expect. I was always an outcast which was fine by me. It’s what kept my brother and me alive. Survival is something that isn’t taught in public schools, but it damn well should be. Especially the one that I attended for a while. But I’m no longer a gutter rat to be kicked aside like yesterday’s trash. I’m a sought-after member of the Asheville, North Carolina elite and invited to parties given by the mayor, governor and the upper crust of society.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, money and power will turn many an eye blind and even more ears deaf. Rumors about my past and the fact that I’ve long operated in the grey areas of the law abound, but the good people in this city could give a f***. What they do care about is that I donate to whatever charity their guilty conscience prods them to support.

Even as a kid I instinctively knew that I needed to be the alpha. That’s the same ingrained knowledge that animals are born with. You assert your dominance early on and reinforce it as needed. It wasn’t that I enjoyed fighting as some did. Hell, I’d never considered myself a violent man by nature. But if it comes down to the him or me scenario, then it’s gonna be him every time. I’ve killed to protect myself and those I love and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

The one thing I never counted on was falling in love with my assistant Liza. In one of my few selfless acts, I refused to bring her into my corrupt world. When she quits her job, and walks away from me, I soon discover that I never really knew her at all. For she has secrets of her own and one of them could very well be the need to destroy me.

January 23
Sydney Landon
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