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Senator Pamela Wallin hails Left Out as "…a most reasoned rant and a potent piece of political history…a must read. It’s a powerful call to action and a reminder for both the governed and those who seek to lead them--that playing small serves no one.”

Politics & Current Events
October 20
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Customer Reviews

tippydude ,

I work with 'those' people..

..and that popular old bald dude nailed the all the sweet raspy notes of this particular song (see comment by C.E for context).

First I should say I disagree a lot with what John says on his show, so I was surprised that I enjoyed this book.

Even though I enjoyed the read, I have to admit that John seems to like repeating his point again and again. Luckily I think his point is worth reading again and again.

Based on my experiences, this book accurately describes how those folks who wear that particular political stripe interact with the world.

Thanks John. Do you have another book in you or are you a one trick pony?


C.Elliott ,

Myopic and hilariously/emarassingly hypocritical

The same guy that complained about Saskatchewan when we were climbing to be one of the top economies in Canada in the early and mid-2000's now writes a book that says we need to change our attitudes. Self-delusional, hypocritical re-writing of history. The obvious question begs to be asked: with his repeatedly simplistic ideological evaluations and lack of understanding of correlation, one wonders that if Gormley wasn't bald with a loud and raspy voice, would anyone actually ever care what he has to say? The answer is obviously no. There are much more eloquent, evidence based thinkers in the conservative basket than Gormley. Oh well, he is great and tapping into angry talk radio rather than researching and neutrally searching for answers. Good work at trying to create division rather than neutral solutions.

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