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Kaplyn yearns to escape the tedium of court. Most people would envy him, seeing him as pampered and spoilt, but this is not Kaplyn. He finds contentment in a simple life, hunting with his friend Hanneth, the Royal Gamekeeper, who is more of a father than the King he rarely sees.

However, something is driving him to leave and perhaps fate has taken a hand, for a crisis is fast approaching. The people have largely forgotten their history and the horror of Krell Wars is but a distant memory. The prophecy predicting the rise of evil has become but a game for children.

As Kaplyn leaves the palace in the dead of night, convinced that a few weeks away will see his brothers sick with envy, events are unfolding which will drive him to the very brink of despair. His father, the King, is suppressing recent news about growing numbers of krell raids and the uncertainty that demons may once again be crossing the Great Divide, separating the worlds.

A short adventure will bind Kaplyn to a self-confessed sorcerer, Vastra, perhaps the last of his kind. Vastra lusts for power and harbours a secret for which he will kill to protect. Kaplyn must soon choose between his family and the safety of the land. Fate determines that he must follow the path of an ancient race, saviours of the Krell Wars. But, what will be waiting for him at journey’s end?

Prophecy of the Kings, of which this is book 1, won a Gold Award on one website in 2010

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 2
David Burrows
Smashwords, Inc.

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