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The good Dr. Kara Burnett has a thing for converting her patients into her lesbian lovers. Stacy visited the doctor's office with stress headaches, unaware that she was about to have her very first lesbian experience... and love it! Soon the gorgeous doctor helps Stacy to explore every aspect of her sexuality, from BDSM experiments to group sex to having fun out in public.

This book is a compilation of all six stories from my best-selling Lesbian Doctor series and clocks in at 42,800 words. If you have already purchased all of the stories, this book doesn't contain any new material - I don't want you to waste your hard-earned money!


This erotic book contains many - oh so many - scenes of explicit lesbian sex. There are toys, rope, gags, beautiful women, sexy situations and orgasms galore, so if any of that offends you I would recommend not continuing on. This book is intended for those over the age of majority only!


Her phone rang in her purse when she was just a block away, and Stacy answered it when she saw it was Kara. “Oh my god, you devious bitch! You just made - oh!” Mid-sentence the vibe switched to full again, and Stacy was startled into moaning into the phone. She was walking past a homeless man on the street, and his jaw dropped as she bit her lip and groaned.

The toy let up, and Stacy took a few moments to breathe heavily while she regained her equilibrium. She saw the bum looking at her, and tossed him a wink as she resumed walking.

“Damn it, Kara, that’s totally not fair! I’ll be there in two seconds, are you there already?”

The doctor’s voice contained hints of barely suppressed laughter. “Oh yes, I’ve already got us a table. I think you’ll like it. See you soon!” The line went dead.

That woman… she’s going to be the death of me. Considering the doctor had also transformed her life from a career-focused sprint to a pleasure-filled jaunt, it seemed oddly appropriate.

Fiction & Literature
March 11
Olivia Ruin
Draft2Digital, LLC

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