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Lesbian Romance: To Serve and Protect - This lesbian fiction short story is filled with crime-filled action and unexpected
lesbian romance. When a job opening for a teaching position opens up at her childhood school, Lexie jumps on the
opportunity to move back to her home state of Texas. Returning to her family and friends while starting new beginnings
sounded like a dream come true, but almost immediately after moving into her new rental home, her home is broken into and
robbed while she is out picking up some takeout for dinner.

Thankfully, the criminals are already gone when Lexie returns home to find her front door kicked open, and when a
beautiful latina police officer is one of the responding units to the scene, Lexie is more than just comforted by her
presence. Officer Padilla tries desperately to remain professional while handling the break-in and robbery at Lexie's
home, yet she can't get Lexie's pretty face out of her mind. Fate works in the women's favor as they run into each other
while Mary's co-workers have taken her out to celebrate her birthday. Paths cross, invitations are made and accepted and a
budding lesbian romance has surprised both Lexie and Mary.

As lesbian love progresses, the thieves who broke into Lexie's home have ramped up their criminal intentions and Lexie's
neighborhood is their main target. Citizens are calling in a robbery every single day, sometimes even while the people are
still inside their home. The Mayor has come down on the police department to pull all resources and handle the situation
before people lives become the next target, and an undercover sting operation is put into place to catch them.

With undercover operations underway, Mary is part of the covert efforts when they spot the criminal team prepping to
target their next house, and it just so happens to be Lexie's house....again! Will this be the night that claims the
criminals first human victim, or will Mary and her team intercept in time to save Lexie's life and allow their budding
lesbian romance to fully blossom? Find out in this fast-paced lesbian fiction short story, that will leave you too wanting
to be in the capable hands of a beautiful lesbian cop.

February 20
Spirited Sapphire Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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