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Beautiful photographs, large, clear print and a simple accompanying text help young children learn to identify and name the letters of the alphabet.

The first five years of a child’s life shape his or her future. The books in this series promote essential early learning skills and help you give your child the best possible start. Early language and literacy skills are of particular importance. This book fosters these emergent skills through: 

enhancing letter knowledge

A child’s knowledge of letters is the single best predictor of reading achievement. Reading involves decoding text. To decode text, children need to be able to recognize the different letters of the alphabet in print and have a good understanding of letter names and sounds. This book supports the acquisition of these skills, using a strong visual stimulus to give each letter a meaningful context.

developing print awareness

The target letters are displayed in large, clear print, which focuses children’s attention on the shape of each individual letter. Below the letters is some simple text. Hearing this text read aloud helps children understand that when letters are put together they make words that have meaning. They are learning that there is a direct relationship between printed words and spoken words.


encouraging an enjoyment of books

It is important that children learn to associate books with pleasure. The greater a child’s enjoyment of books, the keener he or she will be to learn to read. The detailed, high-quality images capture children’s interest and encourage them to engage with the books. Success in learning to recognize the individual letters of the alphabet will inspire a sense of achievement. 

August 12
Moon and balloon
Karen Bryant-Mole

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