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The first two volumes in the series complement each other. One focuses on how horses behave and learn (ethology) while the other addresses how they move (biomechanics). Understanding and establishing cross species communication is the basis for all the work in the first book. The second book covers the next step in schooling the horse, using lungeing to develop the horse’s physical strength and coordination so they can carry us around without injuring themselves.

Integrating the over looked and truly remarkable findings from the last few decades of research into the biomechanics of the horse’s back and nervous system with the long-standing practice of lungeing develops the horse’s strength and coordination so they can carry a rider without damaging themselves. Circle walking exercises for humans helps them to understand and communicate with their horses.

Sara Annon has ridden, schooled and rehabilitated a variety of equines ranging from donkeys to off-track Thoroughbreds. Early on in life, her incessant curiosity was reprimanded by an uncle who informed her that scientists asked how not why. She found that adding 'how' to her list of questions made the answers even more interesting. 

Among other avenues, asking how lead her to study the oral history of the Spanish Colonial horses of New Mexico and how their build affected their abilities under saddle, all long before equine biomechanics become popular. Confirmation she was on the right path came in the 1980's when the Albuquerque History Museum asked her for measurements to build a model to display their 15th century suit of Spanish horse armor that did not fit modern horses. 

Her distinctive perspective on horse training is colored by her own life-long struggles with chronic pain and traumatic brain injuries as well as her work as a veterinary assistant. Embarking on e-publishing is a journey that is both ironic and fulfilling as she also is a rare survivor of a billion volt positively charged lightning strike that hit her and her horse out of a clear sky on a serene February evening in 2014. 

You can find her blog on line, as she posts on her wide variety of interests, and she will do her best to get back to you. Her response may be delayed as she short circuits electronics with unfortunate regularity.

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