Lightning Game

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Danger and passion fuse in this electrifying GhostWalker novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.
GhostWalker Rubin Campo’s rough upbringing made him into the man he is today: strong, steadfast and wary of outsiders. When he and his brother return to their family’s homestead in the Appalachian Mountains, he can immediately sense that a stranger has taken up residence in their cabin—a woman who just happens to be a GhostWalker too.
Jonquille looks deceptively delicate but is clearly a fighter. She also doesn’t seem to care that Rubin could kill her where she stands. She sought him out, wanting to connect on their shared interest in electrical charges. As one of the first failed GhostWalker experiments, Jonquille can produce lightning with her body—but she can’t control it.
Their connection is magnetic, their abilities in sync. Rubin knows she’s his match, the answer to a lifetime of pain and intense loneliness. But Jonquille came to him with hidden intentions, ones that threaten to destroy their bond before it can truly begin.…

March 2
Penguin Publishing Group
Penguin Random House Canada

Customer Reviews

nicoleshe ,


I don’t know how Christine feeham does it, the ghost walker series just keeps getting better and better. The new challenges that appear in every book. Every story has a different challenge and always in an unexpected way. The continuation of this series is unlike most series as it keeps the previously characters involved in the stories. The family that’s created and keeps growing. Nonny is one of my favourite people in this series. I love that she appears and never changes, strong, stubborn, loving, firm, and most of all the heart of the series. This series is a must read!!!!!!!

Sandy Sch ,

energetic and spirited story line

LIGHTNING GAME is the seventeenth instalment in Christine Feehan’s contemporary, adult GHOSTWALKERS erotic, paranormal romance series focusing on an elite group (4 teams) of enhanced men and women known as the GhostWalkers (GW). These ‘super soldiers’ were once part of an unauthorized government experiment performed by Dr. Peter Whitney but several soldiers have, since, opted into the program on their own. This is US Army Colonel and GhostWalker Rubin Campo, and female GhostWalker Jonquille’s story line. LIGHTNING GAME can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty but I recommend reading the series in order for back story and cohesion.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Jonquille and Rubin) LIGHTNING GAME follows GhostWalker Team four members, psychic surgeon Rubin Campo, and his brother Diego, on their return to their family homestead in the Appalachian Mountains where they will come face to face with an enhanced female GhostWalker Jonquille. For months, our heroine has passed herself off as a lab assistant in an effort to uncover the truth about herself, and her ability to absorb the power of lightning. Rubin Campo has been studying the possibility of directing lightning, and in this our heroine is desperate to learn to direct the use of her own powers. Rubin Campo knows immediately that Jonquille is the female whose DNA has been matched to his own, and in this Ruben is immediately protective of the woman with whom he will fall in love but all is not well for our story line heroine as another group of enhanced soldiers, this time controlled by another madman working for the US government, is determined to take down our story line heroine. What ensues is the slow building romance and relationship between Jonquille and Ruben, and the potential fall-out as a group of US soldiers has gone rogue, in an effort to protect our story line heroine.

Meanwhile, Oliver Chandler, a former associate of Peter Whitney, is trying to develop a new group of super soldiers, but in doing so, all but destroys the men he is hoping to control. Someone, only known as ‘Swamp Man’ gives the GhostWalkers pause, and in this, the rescue of a family face and name, bring the GhostWalker Teams together.

The relationship between Jonquille and Ruben is slow to build as Ruben’s brother Diego struggles to trust our story line heroine. Ruben knows that Jonquille is his fated mate, and in this, Ruben and Jonquille will work together to direct the lightning and energy for a better cause. The $ex scenes are limited, passionate and intense without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

Unlike several of the previous instalments in the GhostWalker series, and some of the author’s other series, LIGHTNING GAME does not focus on the sexual needs and wants of our story line hero. Ruben Campo knows Jonquille is the woman that calls to his heart, and in this, he doesn’t force his power, his alpha-ness, or an over the top attitude regarding a woman’s place, and the man she must serve. The growing love between our couple is heart warming and intimate, sweet and consuming.

There is a large ensemble cast of colorful, energetic and familiar characters including several members of other GhostWalker Teams–Ryland Miller, and several members of Team one; Ezekiel (Bellisia), and Mordichai Fortunes, Colonel Joe Spagnola, Gino Mazzo (Zara), Wyatt Fontenot, and everybody’s favorite grandmother Nonny Fontenot. We are introduced to Ruben’s brother Diego, and a new group of GhostWalkers, who may or may not have future story lines: Harris Ledes, Sean O’Connell, and Kevin Morris

LIGHTNING GAME is an energetic and spirited story line. The premise is riveting; the romance is inspiring and captivating; the characters are intense and dynamic.

As I had mentioned in my review of LETHAL GAME (#16), LIGHTNING GAME is also a bit of a departure from the author’s usually graphic violent and sex obsessive story lines. With the addition of several psychic healers, the GhostWalkers takes on a bit of the Dark (Carpathian) feel, paralleling the earlier works of the author’s series.

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