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If only I had cared about Deirdre being bullied... 

If only I had told my parents the truth... 

If only I had said no...... 

Lindsey Connors is a typical 16 year old. As with many young girls her age, she is presented with many difficult choices and situations. As we know as adults, some of the choices, good or bad, we make at a young and vulnerable age may guide the rest of our lives.

Are you ready for the fun and unique part? This story is interactive. It allows the reader to participate in Lindseyʼs Choices. Live through Lindsey! It is tailored so the reader can control the direction of Lindseyʼs journey toward maturity.

The first tough decision confronting Lindsey is whether to start drinking alcohol at a party. Does she give in to the peer pressure and be accepted by the popular crowd or does she decide to stay with her old friends?

The reader can identify with Lindsey and her friends and can think about what they would do in the situations presented to Lindsey. The reader can see that with each choice Lindsey makes, her life is changed, she changes, and her choices have a profound impact on the people around her.

Following the initial decision Lindsey makes, the story then branches into two story lines. Lindsey continues to be faced with many new and challenging obstacles: a friendship with a bullied and suicidal student, peer pressure to take drugs, and challenges in relationships. How can Lindsey pursue her passions and not get caught sitting on the sidelines? Read how with making certain choices she realizes what is important in life OR read how with making different choices she lets life pass her by.

This book enables the reader to make choices in a fictional world, in order to assist them in making the right decisions in their own lives.

Young Adult
October 11
Laurel Peterson
Laurel Peterson

Customer Reviews

joandalex ,

Lindsey’s Choice

What a great book! Perfect for young teens struggling with life decisions. Is there a sequel coming?

Emy&Beauty ,


An insightful look into the struggles facing teenagers everyday, the choices and the consequences...a must read for every parent, teacher and teenager!!!

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