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Smart-mouthed Nicole Fontane has a way of getting herself into trouble. She’s been fired from every job she’s had but still refuses to work in her father’s apothecary shop because of his practice of Earth Magick. On Tulare Island where Nicole grew up, Magick has always been a way of life—one she’s determined to avoid at all costs.
With less than two hundred dollars in the bank and rent due, Nicole is forced to take a job at Tribec Insurance as a last resort. Little does she realize, the moment she sets foot inside the building, she becomes a pawn. A sinister force has set its sights on her and will stop at nothing to use her in a sadistic game.
Tribec’s proprietors, the Stewart family, are curiously preoccupied with the Naqada, the mysterious pre-dynastic Egyptian society. Nicole finds it creepy, but on the bright side, the job reconnects her with her estranged friend, Marta. Yet the eerie atmosphere, disappearing Magick wards, and the smell of blood inside Tribec bring Nicole to a startling conclusion—the Stewarts are practicing Blood Magick, the deadliest of the Five Principles. By the time Nicole uncovers the truth, Marta and her four children have gone missing, and all signs implicate the Stewarts and an archaic blood ritual to an Old One, a Naqada god imprisoned on Tulare Island.
Battling the evil of Blood Magick will demand Nicole to confront a hidden past and unlock the Magick buried within. But can she set aside her deep-rooted fears to work with a team of vigilante Mages? Or will the clock run out on Marta and her children—and on Nicole?

Fiction & Literature
July 16
The Parliament House
PublishDrive Inc.

Customer Reviews

Alexa_Whitewolf ,

Loved it!

This book had it all: a complicated, sarcastic heroine, great world building, yummy eye candy, and mystery and steam galore!
I liked Nicole’s spunk from the beginning, but I REALLY starting loving her as she grew into her own throughout the book. The added thrill of suspense with what happened at Tribeca, the intricacies of this magical world build within, and all the new concepts of various types of magic hooked me even further. The writing flows, the plot hooks, and honestly you’re left wanting so much more by the end that I can’t wait for the next book!

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