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I decided to turn the housing situation I have to deal with into a book. The first thought I had was either to write a journal or a diary about that. I decided to turn the housing situation I have to deal with when I wrote the first draft on the first week of March 2016. I did not know if I was going to have enough to turn it into a book. This book is about what has been going on in the buildings that happened to be an HDFC Co-Op for over twenty years. This book is also about the journey I did in court to deal with not only with our problems but also all the problems surrounding the buildings. This book also started backward because it is all the findings I kept as my personal records in case of better use in the future. The beginning of each part of the book was the last part I wrote to connect with all the records I held for about three years (July 2013September 2014, continuous to that point). I did the best I could to officially finish the book at the end of the year 2017. The main purpose of the book is to prove to everyone what I had been going through, as well as what have been going on in the housing situations in New York City, particularly in Brooklyn. I did the best I could to make this book representable to all my audiences or readers. I want my reader to know that I go by a pen name (Van Hugo). The reason why I use the pen name is to protect myself from any unnecessary and unwanted lawsuits against me. The book is actually based on real events.

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January 19

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