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A life-threatening accident has led werewolf Lucas Maclean to reconsider his stance on joining a pack. Under ordinary circumstances, he would never consider joining an all-male pack where all the members are group-married to one another, and where loyalty is enforced through ritualized group sex. However, the pack’s Alpha is the handsome and charismatic Henry Archer, who makes Lucas wonder if this isn’t some kind of destiny…


Henry’s presence seemed to fill Lucas’s whole house, and suddenly Lucas didn’t know what to do with himself, where to put his hands. He poured them a few glasses of single-barrel whiskey, and they sat on the couch together, sipping it from tumblers.

“Come run with us, tomorrow,” Henry said.

Lucas looked down, swirling the amber liquid around the inside of his glass. “I got hit. Last year. Shattered my hip. I don’t run so good anymore.” His voice trembled, and he was afraid he would start sobbing.

“May I see?” Henry asked tenderly.

Lucas unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. He pulled his pants and underwear over his hip.

Henry shifted close to Lucas and touched the scars, gently, with the pads of his fingers. The warmth from Henry’s fingers seemed to spread all throughout the scar tissue, making his skin tingle. The hairs on his stomach stood up.

“You should talk to Jack,” Henry said. “He tore his shoulder rotator cuff at work a few years ago, and has done a lot of physical therapy. You’d never know by looking at him now.”

He paused, leaving his fingertips on Lucas’s skin. Lucas could feel sex stirring deep in his bones, the way it always did right before the full moon — hotter and more intense than any other time — and he knew that Henry was feeling the same thing too, like an electricity shooting through his veins.

“May I kiss you?” Henry whispered.

Lucas started laughing. “You are one weird Alpha, you know that?”

“I like it romantic,” Henry murmured. He nuzzled into Lucas’s shoulder, taking a deep breath, inhaling his scent. “Lucas, you smell so good. I would love to take you upstairs and give you what you need.”

“Romantic, like, flowers and candles and shit?” Lucas teased.

“Mmm, you have candles?” He stroked Lucas’ thigh.

Lucas broke out laughing. He wanted it — he wanted it more than anything right now — but he just couldn’t bring himself to say the words.

“Why’s that so weird?” Henry smiled. He kissed the side of Lucas’s jaw, then the soft spot in his cheek where the muscle met. “I love men’s bodies, men’s sexualities. I love to make men feel good.”

Lucas turned to Henry and captured his mouth in his, parting his lips, allowing Henry’s tongue inside. Henry’s fingers found Lucas’s nipple underneath his button-down shirt and caressed it into a hard point. Lucas arched his back, pressing his hip and thigh into Henry’s body. Holy shit — Henry’s cock was enormous. The thought of Henry spreading Lucas’s legs and sliding it all the way into his ass made Lucas dizzy with lust. They practically dragged each other up the stairs, shedding jeans and socks and shirts along the way.

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January 17
Alastair Anders
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