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Sometimes all you need is a second chance. . . .

“L. P. Dover knows how to create the men who make us swoon, the book boyfriends we all want.”—New York Times bestselling author Heidi McLaughlin

Aubrey Reynolds is a small-town girl who’s made it big. 
A successful Hollywood director, Aubrey doesn’t have time to linger on what could have been.
But when a routine blood test comes back with a false positive, she decides to take some time off to do the things she’s always wanted to do: taste the famous chocolate chip cookies at the Minnesota State Fair, hike the Grand Teton National Park, scuba dive in the Caribbean. 
But after Aubrey admits to herself what she’s really missing, she heads back home to Dusty Valley, Oklahoma . . . and the man she left behind.
Cole Haywood is a small-town fireman and that’s just fine with him. 
Sure, when the love of his life left their hometown to chase her dreams he was heartbroken and—he’ll admit—damn mad.
But Cole would have never forgiven himself if he had held Aubrey back from success. 
So the last thing he expects after all these years is to walk into his favorite bar one night and find the girl he’s always loved—there—looking for him. 
Maybe now’s the time to make his dreams come true. 

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Advance praise for Love, Again

“Aubrey and Cole are sure to steal your heart. Love, Again is one of my new favorites!”New York Times bestselling author Krista Lakes  

“A remarkable love story—I highly recommend Love, Again.New York Times bestselling author Jill Sanders 

“Looking for a classic love story? Love, Again is that and more!”USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry

April 9
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Customer Reviews

Terry Louise ,

4 1/2 Stars ... a swoon worthy romance!

Aubrey left Cole a month before their wedding to follow her dream of being a movie director. Ten years later, she has a death scare and decides to start doing the things on her bucket list. After a couple of months of crossing things off her list, she decides to tackle #1 on her list ... face Cole and tell him the real reason she took off all those years ago. Cole has never left their small town of Dusty Valley and he’s never gotten over loosing the love of his life. So when he finds out Aubrey’s back in town, he’s angry and hurt ... but he can’t deny that he still loves her with all is heart.

This book just made me melt ... it is a true romance! It was a nice change that it was the woman that went off to become rich and famous. And who wouldn’t fall in love with a guy like Cole? I could just feel the pages burning with the sexual tension between them. A great book that shouldn’t be missed!

I received an early copy courtesy of Random House-Loveswept through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

Sandy Sch ,

wonderful and heart warming

LOVE, AGAIN by L.P. Doer is a contemporary, adult, stand alone, erotic, romance story line focusing on thirty-two years olds, fire fighter Cole Haywood, and award winning Hollywood director Aubrey Reynolds.

Told from dual first person points of view (Cole and Aubrey) LOVE, AGAIN follows the rekindling romance between childhood sweethearts and former lovers, thirty-two years olds, fire fighter Cole Haywood, and award winning Hollywood director Aubrey Reynolds. Ten years earlier, one month before their scheduled wedding, Aubrey Reynolds walked away from the man that she loved in the hope of finding herself and a new path in life. Fast forward to present day wherein a medical mistakes sends our heroine on a bucket list trip of what ifs and whys including a return to her hometown of Dusty Valley, Oklahoma where she lost her heart, and the man that she loved. Enter fire fighter Cole Haywood. What ensues is the second chance romance and relationship between Cole and Aubrey, and the potential fall-out as Aubrey struggles with returning to Hollywood, and the possibility of leaving the man she has always loved.

Cole Haywood had never stopped loving the woman who broke his heart but fame, fortune and life pulled Aubrey Reynolds out of his life. Bitter and broken hearted, Cole never expected to come face to face with his past, a past he struggles to forgive and forget. Aubrey Reynolds knows she screwed up the day she walked out of Cole Haywood’s life. Never regretting the fame and success of Hollywood, Aubrey battles to make amends, walking away from the thing that she loved.

The relationship between Aubrey and Cole is one of second chances; a rekindling romance and love between two people whose lives went in opposite directions but a love that never waivered in spite of the different paths, and varying degrees of fame and success. With Aubrey’s return to Dust Valley, Oklahoma, Cole is hoping for a second chance. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

We are introduced to Aubrey’s best friend and actress Emilia Hart ; Cole’s brother Bennett Haywood, as well as a number of residents of Dust Valley, Oklahoma, and the many people our heroine meets on her journey of discovery. I am hoping the author has plans for Bennett and Emilia’s story.

LOVE, AGAIN is a story of family, friendship, forgiveness and second chances. The premise is sweet, engaging and uplifting; the romance is captivating and seductive; the characters are colorful, energetic and fun. The conflict is limited to the reconciliation between our leading couple. LOVE, AGAIN is a wonderful and heart warming story for the romantic in all of us.

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