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Lucia Jordan is proud to release a new outstanding collection containing four of her Bestselling Series. This collection includes: Submit, Quiver, Hidden Pleasures, & Wonderlust.


‘Welcome to Frost Resort – We’re all about your pleasure…’ 

Logan Frost is the young, multi-billionaire owner of the global Frost Resort conglomerate and is used to having the best luxuries in life. Tall, tanned, and well sculpted with piercing blue eyes and thick black hair, Logan is handsome-as sin and has no problem seducing any woman he wants. Yet the one woman he can’t seem to forget is his new hotel guest, Samantha Gordon. 

After suffering through a harrowing break-up with her ex, the last thing on Samantha’s mind is getting involved with another man. Right now, all she’s focused on is the prospect of some indulgent free time on vacation with her best friend to Frost Resort in Barbados. That is until she literally runs into Logan Frost – a man who awakens every dark fantasy she’s ever had—and who seeks to fulfill each one. 

As their potent sexual chemistry begins to explode, Samantha is about to discover is that fate has other plans in store…


Bad Boys may be dangerous but they’re just too damned tempting, don’t you think? 

Tray Hollis is the tall, dark and deadly ‘Bad Boy’ in tight jeans and tattoo sleeves Lyssa Canfield lusts for. But he will also be the last one. Chronically unlucky in love and on her way to find Mr. Reliable, Lyssa is making time for one final fling... 

But when Lyssa wakes up the next morning in Tray’s arms, she is shocked by the dawning realization that not only does she want something more than a fling with Tray, but also that he’s her next-door neighbor. Will their liaison remain a once off, or will Lyssa find herself succumbing to her deviant desires?

Hidden Pleasures:

While Madeline tries to resist Liam, the world of pain and pleasure he offers might just be too tempting to ignore… 

If real estate broker Madeline Swift wants to keep her job, she needs to make a sale and she needs to make it fast. So when a new client is in the market to buy a property, they’re assigned to the disheartened and severely unoptimistic Madeline who comes face to face with the man on whom her job now depends – Liam Benedict. 

But Liam is no stranger to Madeline. The boy she had been infatuated with as a sophomore in college is now a man who’s nothing like what she remembered. He’s older, more sophisticated, gorgeous and impossibly hotter with a new cool, calm authoritativeness that excites and intimidates her at the same time. 

Liam knows exactly who Madeline is, and plans to seduce her into a world of sensual exploration that she had been too naïve for all those years ago. The question is—is Madeline now ready for everything that Liam has in store?


Kyle Marshal is like no man Erin’s ever met before—highly skilled, deadly, and commanding to the core… 

When Erin Reber wins a thirty million dollar lottery, she thinks all of her troubles are a long way behind her. After years of working two jobs and raising her 14 year old daughter on her own, Erin finally believes their future is looking bright. But instead of being the blessing she expects, her sudden fortune brings her a new set of problems when her slimy, criminally connected ex-husband shows up demanding his “fair share” of the winnings. 

Terrified, Erin confides in her friend, Kate, who suggests she hires a bodyguard. 

Enter Kyle Marshal. The ruggedly handsome and strappingly muscular body guard soon realizes that guarding Erin is more than just another job; an overwhelming attraction sparks between them. Kyle knows what he wants—Erin’s complete obedience: body, mind, and soul. But Erin doesn’t give her trust easily. Can he keep her safe long enough to teach her that freedom lies in the ultimate surrender?

September 25
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

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