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The Executive

Mixing business with pleasure has never been so dangerous… 

When Bella’s best friend Julie sets her up with a charming and wealthy businessman, she is reluctant to accept. Dmitri Tartikoff is everything that Bella could have hoped for and more and what he is offering is way too terrifyingly exciting to consider – impossibly gorgeous with a sensual magnetism too difficult to resist – he makes Bella forget about work and brings out her wild, passionate side. As Bella gives in to her forbidden urges she discovers a side to herself she never knew existed. But when Bella returns to work, she’s in for a rude awakening when she realizes her new lover is also her firm’s new client. Can Bella and Dmitri maintain a professional relationship, or is their passionate attraction too intense to ignore? 

Dirty Deeds

Revenge has never been so fun…

When billionaire playboy Kane Applegate leaves her best friend Jenny heartbroken, her despair leaves Lexi wanting to teach the gorgeous bachelor a lesson he won’t soon forget. Her plan – to win Kane’s trust and eventually his love, then grind his heart into the dust… 

Money and good looks get Kane Applegate whatever woman he wants but he prefers submissive women who know the score—for him, it’s just pleasure. After losing the only woman he ever truly loved, he’s sworn to never let himself fall in love and risk another heartbreak. That’s until Lexi strolls into his life – she’s bold, stunning and in complete control of herself. But what happens to their plans when the temptation of intense passion gets too difficult to resist? 


Escaping for the winter turns out to get much hotter than expected…

Cate may have bitten off more than she could chew when she accepted the job as manager of the Northpoint Inn for the winter. After making it through a rough break up with her ex-boyfriend, then getting fired from the job she so desperately needed, she thought managing the mountain inn for the season would be the perfect way to escape her troubles. But little did she know that her plans would be dashed when the heart-stoppingly gorgeous hunter/tracker Grant Taylor blows in with the first snow. Handsome, rugged, confident and commanding, Cate can’t help but be drawn to his raw masculinity and animal magnetism. But it’s not before long that the cold nights and remote isolation get the better of them and they start finding their lustful urges too overwhelming to ignore. Sick of never getting what she wants, Cate decides to give in to the temptation of her desires…but is she prepared for everything that the dangerous Mr. Taylor has in store? 


“A woman may tempt the eye in public, but a man tames a women’s fierce beauty in private…”

Samantha Kegan dreams of someday being a fashion designer, but for now she has her hands full working as a secretary for Claire Mangel, the tough headed senior editor of NuTrend magazine. So when one of the models gets sick and is unable to attend the season’s biggest fashion show, her demanding boss orders Samantha to replace her and walk the runway as "Blaze", an order Samantha dares not refuse. She manages to pull off the masquerade by putting on a naughty, sexy persona as Blaze, catching the eye of famous French Designer – Jean-Pierre Chasseur. 

For nearly a year Jean-Pierre Chasseur has been looking for the right model to serve as the muse and public face of his "Fierce Beauty" bondage-themed fashion line. When he sees the glorious Blaze walk down the runway, her ripe curves and saucy moves convinces him she's the one. But unbeknownst to Samantha, modelling isn’t the only thing the designer wants from her. What happens when she discovers his hidden desires lurking under the surface? Will she submit to the demands of her new boss in every way he requires? 

Only mature readers should download this book.

Fiction & Literature
June 23
Vasko Pty Ltd

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