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Blond Billie is overworked and ready for a break!

She finds herself boarding a bus, a magical potion in her hands. As nervous as she is about drinks with unknown ingredients, she is even more reluctant to resign herself to a bland life, devoid passion. Luckily, freckled Gwaine is there, and from the moment they touch, Billie feels like Gwaine is leading her through an exhilarating dance. What is it that Gwaine wants to teach her about the magic?

It isn't long before Billie samples the potion, and realizes that most of the passengers on the bus are willing to sample her!

The wild potion grants their wild frolic magical invisibility!

Join Billie on this passionate bus ride, fun and consequence-free!

Excerpt 1
She gave the contents a swirl. The shadow in the pink liquid almost looked like a naked little man was dancing in the brew.

With a start, she realized other people had joined her at the bus stop, and she shoved the bottle into her purse.

Billie sniffed in the humid evening air, this section of the street smelling like coffee and hot pavement. She didn’t usually drink coffee late in the day, but she felt guilty going to bed when she still had so much to do. She had overcommitted herself, and now it felt like her whole life was on hold until she’d gotten everything finished.

She ran her fingers through her blond bob, little ringlets wanting to cling to her sticky forehead. Man, most of the work wasn’t even for her. Doing a load of her roommate’s laundry. Doing research for her friends going on vacation. Doing extra reading for her boss at work.

How amazing it would be to tell them to do it themselves! But why? It’s not like she really had a life to live. Maybe after she slogged through the latest batch of obligations.

She tossed her coffee cup just as the bus pulled up, and she hopped up into the belly of the groaning beast.

The bus was already full when she boarded. Hopefully, it would clear out as it got closer to her stop. She worked her way towards the back of the bus.

“Oh here, take my seat.”

Billie looked around, before realizing that the man with the chocolate brown eyes was talking to her. He had sepia skin with large freckles dancing across his strong face. The tall man was wearing a well-tailored suit, and yet the heat didn’t seem to touch him. He grinned lopsidedly at her, before standing and smoothly moving behind her.

“Oh, I…”

“Please,” he replied near her ear, the tips of his fingers barely brushing her elbow. “I wouldn’t feel right sitting while you stand there in those high heels.” He gently guided her towards the seat, as if the whole thing was a ballroom dance.

Billie was no longer doubtful, she could feel the truth of the witch’s promise as surely as she’d tasted the potion.

She wiggled in her seat, the fabric of her dress skimming her thigh. She felt the leg of the man sitting next to her and she moved her blond hair behind her ear while she checked him out. He glanced back at her, smiling lasciviously. Their legs pressed together more solidly. Billie glanced around, wondering if she was drawing attention yet.

She looked back at the man, who was now leaning towards her, his arm snaking around her shoulders. She leaned towards him encouragingly, her heart thudding. She could feel the fizzing of the potion in her veins, and she was horny in a way that she’d never been horny before. It was like the sultry heat of a hundred summer days distilled into the thrumming of her heart and skin.

The man’s other hand gently ran along her chin, gently stroking her jaw and neck. His fingers gently wrapped around her slender neck and he leaned in for a deep kiss. She writhed in his grasp, breaking the kiss to look at the rest of the bus. Surely, their wanton behavior would attract attention?


There weren’t even people pretending not to notice, it was really as if they were invisible.

Contains explicit language. About 20 pages.

Fiction & Literature
July 30
A. Drunkin Lustwytch
Smashwords, Inc.

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