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Mabini Shadows

When Dan can finally return to Manila, he remembers his love for the bar girl Lin Lin. So does Raul the police informer. And the Mabini shadows.

Now Lin Lin's face consists of a mass of scar tissue, so her shame keeps him away from her old lover. He can't still love her. Or can he? And then Raul wants to tip off the police. While the Mabini shadows lie in way to take their revenge.

When Dan first meets Lin Lin on a crowded sidewalk in the notorious Manila bar district of Mabini, he doesn't want a woman for the night.

By the time he kisses Lin Lin goodbye to get in the taxi to ride to the airport, he falls in love.

Soon after, Mayor Alfredo Lim closes the Mabini bars, and Lin Lin goes to work in a less safe area. Where she meets a customer who doesn't want any other men to see her pretty face . . . so he slashes it with a knife.

Now Dan returns to the Philippines, looking to marry Lin Lin.

Will he find her, when she doesn't want him to see her scars?

If so, will he still love her?

The Mabini shadows, who have not forgotten the passions of life, want to know.

So does a police informer hoping to profit from getting foreigners arrested for going with prostitutes.

WARNING: This short story contains NO explicit sexual content. It is horror/urban fantasy, not erotica.

Mabini Shadows readers also get a free bonus:

The first 13 chapters of the contemporary dark fantasy thriller novel Virgin Blood by Richard Stooker.

Nightshade Publications first purchased the rights to this short story for inclusion in the magazine HAUNTS, but they didn't put it out before HAUNTS ceased publication.

So download Mabini Shadows now.

Fiction & Literature
August 31
Richard Stooker
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