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MacBook Pro Essentials provides everything you need to quickly set up and start using your new MacBook Pro. Learn about the hardware, as well as how to connect to Wi-Fi, share information, use the apps that come with your MacBook Pro, and more.

Computers & Internet
March 9
Apple Inc.
Apple Canada, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Lorinorva ,

MacBook Pro Essentials

I learned more than I knew that’s for sure, but didn’t answer the question I was looking for.
Will have to try somewhere else, or call, they are very helpful if you call.

Dreamweaver888 ,

The Introduction

I found it to be a great introductory guide. Very user friendly and a solid foundation for someone who hasn’t used Macs before.

Hallsy506 ,

MacBook Pro 2011-2012 edition.

Well Apple congrats on getting me to write my first ever review about a product. I must say this MacBook Pro 2011 edition 200 gb of storage , 8 gbs of ram for 1,249$ when I bought back then was the best purchase of my life. Almost 7 years later and this machine still runs like a beast , and is is in perfect condition still . I could easily get 800$ for it today . I will never switch computers and will always buy a Mac . Keep up the good work and don't downgrade your components like wires that expire after a wire and need to replace as the newer editions have these problems . People will find out , especially tech heads like myself . Other than that keep the products rolling with good tech and components and Apple will be around for 100 years or more . Never never become like micro soft . You pay for what you get and apple make sure your products have the best components going forward. Thank you !! Happy customer :)

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