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The Fire Witch is book four in the Magic Molly series.

Molly Miggins is a junior witch who is allowed to join the Witch’s Academy at nine, a year earlier than usual. Molly is given an ancient but slightly damaged wand called Wonky, which turns out to be one of the most famous wands in history. The Magic Council believe that Molly has the ability to become one of the great witches and give her a series of difficult tasks that she must complete to get extra powers.

In The Fire Witch, Molly’s first set of broomstick-flying lessons are interrupted when she is given another task by the Wizard from the Magic Council. This time it appears to be quite a simple one. Molly must go through the portal to the land of Splinge, hand over an ancient spell book, and bring back a girl called Ameera.

Molly’s tasks are never as easy as they seem however, and as soon as Molly comes out of the portal she is attacked by a group of rebel witches with a strange logo on their cloaks. The witches steal the Big Book of Spells and take it to Castle Grey.

Molly is determined to get the spell book back but before she can find out why she was attacked, she is arrested and locked in a prison tower where she discovers that the King’s daughter has been kidnapped by Sheloh, the Fire Witch.

Molly decides to find the reclusive, flame-throwing, Fire Witch and rescue the princess but first she must find a way to escape from the escape-proof tower.

Will Molly find a way into Castle Grey and retrieve the Big Book of Spells from the rebel witches before they can use it to bring back the Black Witch, Morgana, from exile?
Can Molly outwit the Fire Witch and rescue the princess?

These questions and more will be answered in Molly’s scariest and most exciting adventure yet.

October 23
Trevor Forest
Smashwords, Inc.

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