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During unprecedented times where customer expectations continue to rise, unfortunately so does customer aggression. Customer service has always involved managing difficult behaviour, but those on the frontline often find themselves on the receiving end of verbal and physical abuse with little insight into how to effectively manage the conflict. 

In the new book, Managing Difficult Customer Behaviour: Practical Guide for Confident Conversations, Service Leadership and Customer Service Expert Monique Richardson draws upon over 20 years’ experience to provide a practical guide for frontline teams to handle customers with confidence and skill.

This timely and much-needed book is full of proven tips and techniques to help create positive customer experiences and manage these challenging customer interactions. Through anecdotes and easy to follow tactics, Monique empowers managers and team members to remain confident and professional during tricky conversations. 

Trying times often bring out the worst (and best) in people, but Managing Difficult Customer Behaviour empowers those in service roles with the skills needed to deliver quality customer experiences through the effective management of tough customers. 

About the Author: 

Monique Richardson is one of Australia’s leading experts in Service Leadership and Customer Service. She is passionate about transforming customer service cultures through a service leadership-driven approach. Creating a truly customer-focused culture is about putting people first. Focusing on team member experience ensures a highly engaged and empowered workforce. All of this results in increased engagement and productivity, an exceptional customer experience, increased revenue growth and profitability, and a culture of service excellence.

Monique focuses on training, keynote speaking, coaching, facilitation and instructional design. She works both nationally and internationally. 

Monique has worked with thousands of customer service professionals, including senior management, leadership teams and the frontline. All to assist organisations to increase performance and engagement, customer satisfaction levels and customer focus.


‘During these unprecedented times and as customer expectations continue to rise, unfortunately so does customer aggression. Monique has captured a practical guide to build confidence at the frontline level, to see every customer as an opportunity to build resilience. A necessary handbook for any retail worker or leader.’

Paul Zahra, CEO Australian Retailers Association

‘We’ve been looking for a concise and practical resource to create great customer experiences and tackle those challenging customer moments. Well, we’ve found it! Monique is an absolute expert in customer service and she has written a great guide…with clear takeaways that can quickly and easily be applied to everyday situations.’

Donna Price, General Manager People and Culture, Melbourne Cricket Club

‘COVID-19 has amplified the need for all of us to excel at managing unreasonable customer behaviours which may be exacerbated by a ‘corona-coaster’ of emotions. A customer service expert, Monique gives readers simple and effective strategies to transform challenging behaviours into positive outcomes, along with guidance about self-care for those on the front line, and emphasis on the important role leaders play in looking after their team’s well-being.’  

Janine Young, Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW.

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September 1
Monique Richardson