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From award-winning hot and steamy suspense author E.M. Shue comes the completion of Marco and Calysta's story a part of the Caine & Graco Saga.

Redemption or Corruption?

Marco's life ended when his wife and unborn child were killed in a robbery gone wrong, but who is the woman that looks just like her standing before him? How can she be alive? He thought he moved on, but seeing her only brings back the pain of the loss. She now begs for help and his heart can't take anymore; it's shattered completely. The small child at her side deserves his love, though, she was innocent in the deception. Can Marco find a new future with his child? Will he be able to find the love he had for his wife again?

Calysta was lied to and told her husband was killed in action, so she allowed them to move her and change her identity. To save her child she'd do anything, her heart was already broken and dead from her loss. When the past rears its ugly head, she runs to the only person she can trust, her best friend. But what she finds is the man she thought was dead. He only wants his daughter and not her anymore. She can't blame him for the deception. The corruption that entered their lives. Will Calysta be able to protect them all when the darkness comes after her again? Will more blood be shed because of her choices?

They both have been lied to. They've both learned to go on without the other, but are they truly over their love for each other? Can love survive all the deception, corruption, and lies?

October 29
E.M. Shue
Draft2Digital, LLC

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