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“Inventive . . . Cantor’s ‘what-if’ story combines historical fiction with mounting suspense and romance, but above all, it is an ode to the adoration and competition between sisters.” —Othe Oprah Magazine

A story of sisters that imagines Anne Franks sister Margot survived World War II and was living in America, from the author of The Lost Letter and The Hours Count

Anne Frank has long been a symbol of bravery and hope, but there were two sisters hidden in the annex, two young Jewish girls, one a cultural icon made famous by her published diary and the other, nearly forgotten.

In the spring of 1959, The Diary of Anne Frank has just come to the silver screen to great acclaim, and a young woman named Margie Franklin is working in Philadelphia as a secretary at a Jewish law firm. On the surface she lives a quiet life, but Margie has a secret: a life she once lived, a past and a religion she has denied, and a family and a country she left behind.

Margie Franklin is really Margot Frank, older sister of Anne, who did not die in Bergen-Belsen as reported, but who instead escaped the Nazis for America. But now, as her sister becomes a global icon, Margie’s carefully constructed American life begins to fall apart. A new relationship threatens to overtake the young love that sustained her during the war, and her past and present begin to collide. Margie is forced to come to terms with Margot, with the people she loved, and with a life swept up into the course of history.

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September 3
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chatterbee78 ,

Hoping For More

Although this is a good story, I was really hoping for more. Given the material the author had to work with, the intrigue and historical weight of the people she was writing about, I really expected more than for Margot to be cast in a contemporary love story that falls far beneath her intelligence. Margot deserved a better "happy ending" than to be portrayed as a meek and naive secretary whose highest hopes consist of being a paralegal and married to her boss. I've done my fair share of research on the Frank sisters and would've thought that any writer wishing to give her a happy ending would do better than a dime a dozen romance story.

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