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Marine Corps Warfighting Publication 6-10 Leading Marines January 2019

The act of leading Marines is a sacred responsibility and a rewarding experience. This publication describes a leadership philosophy that speaks to who we are as Marines. It is about the relationship between the leader and the led. It is also about the bond between all Marines that is formed in the common forge of selfless service and shared hardships. It’s in this forge where Marines are hardened like steel, and the undefinable spirit that forms the character of our Corps is born. It draws from shared experiences, hardships, and challenges in training and combat.

Leading Marines is not meant to be read passively; as you read this publication, think about the material. You should reflect on, discuss, and apply the concepts presented in this publication. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of leaders at all levels to mentor and develop the next generation of Marine leaders. This publication contains numerous vignettes, drawn from our rich history, to give substance to the concepts. Marine leaders should add to these examples by sharing their own experiences with their Marines.

To effectively lead Marines, you must first understand what it is to be a Marine; you need to know who we are and what we do for our Nation. Our core values and traditions lie at the heart of our Marine Corps ethos and form the basis of the first chapter. The second chapter focuses on the foundations of Marine Corps leadership—the relationship between the leader and the led and the leadership traits and principles that are taught to every Marine. It goes on to address morale, discipline, and courage. The third chapter describes some of the challenges to leading in uncertain conditions and how to overcome them. It relies on the stories of Marines to illustrate our character and vividly depict, through action, what is required to lead Marines.

In the end, this publication speaks about the soul of our Corps, leadership, and its many attributes. It’s written about Marines, and it’s written for Marines.

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