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A preface lays out the basic matter. Chapter 1 lays out arguments for a communal, hippie type of marriage arrangement, polygamous and likely leading to bisexuality. It discusses the problem of pre-adult sexuality as it relates to such a communal arrangement. I use interpretations of the Bible that might be used by proponents of this polygamous lifestyle to support their argument biblically as well as from pagan tradition. These involve illegal relationships based on present law in America. I go on to show problems with this type of marriage. It is complicated, susceptible to STD's and transmission of neuroses, likely to squeeze out masculine influence in child rearing. It would intensify favoritism and social conflict by near proximity of participants, lead to inbreeding in spite of communal relationships. Chapter 2 describes an Edenic marriage for a Golden Age of the Peaceable Kingdom. It is monogamous and empathetic in a one way fashion. Through telepathy (mind reading) and empathy, the joys are shared in common, while the pains of each spouse are separated by standoffish behavior in order to allow the other party to help out, through a sense of duty, the one who is suffering. This is oscillatory in nature: join in pleasure, move back from pain. The war of the sexes is resolved by having the wisest party for each problem make the decision. Wisdom should rule the household. This will not solve the ignorance problem and arguments over who knows best, but will eliminate the base problem of one sex controlling all decision making by law or custom. Games and disciplines to increase telepathy and/or mind reading are recommended. There must be no MI5/MI6 counter-intelligence/intelligence war going on. Knowledge breeds trust. Couples should dance together and exercise together. People should regularly massage each other, as this is healing and agreeable when done with care and wisdom. In-laws are out of the marriage except for God the Father and Divine Wisdom. You never grow up compared to them. I note that the drawbacks of monogamy come from illness, somewhat ameliorated by help from extended family and community assistance. The work ends noting that marital strife is a plague to children born into it.

Health, Mind & Body
May 4
Edward E. Rochon
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