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Learn C# very Quickly and Learn It very Well. Master C# Programming with real world examples, quizzes and unique exercises using Visual Studio

Are you tired of reading books on C# that are long, boring and frustrating?

Would you like to be able to expand your knowledge of C# and take it to the next level?

This is the book that will take you there!This book is written for you, to help you learn to code in C# from scratch and immediately and with a very good understanding of the fundamental 

principles of programming in this book you will learn the fundamentals of C# programming. No prior programming experience is required.  You'll learn 

everything from scratch.For an absolute beginner this book explains complex concepts in a simple, clear, concise and step-by-step way manner for easy understanding.If 

you are already a programmer writing programs in other languages but new to C#, this book will bring you up to speed to start coding in C# immediately. This is a great book for anyone who wants to get started with C# or programming in general, learn the Skills to Land Your Dream Job.  The examples in this book are packed with carefully designed exercises that help you learn how to think like a programmer and to demonstrate the concepts being explained and for deeper understanding.For intermediate C# developers,, you will sharpen your skills and knowledge on the principles of object orientation including encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. I will show why encapsulation is important and how it helps writing a robust code.  I will show the promise in inheritance and introduce you to the concept of composition as a more flexible way to reuse code  we will talk about polymorphism , you will also learn how to change the behavior of an application by extending it so instead of changing the  existing code which may affect the  quality and behavior of your application and this is extremely perfect. Finally, we talk about interfaces; I will show how interfaces improve the testability and extensibility of your applications. Also an introduction to unit testing. I hope you will be a better developer after reading this book. . some of the things that this book offers...C# for Absolute BeginnersA step by step explanations of the Complex concepts in C# from scratch such that you need no prior experience in programming to understand and start coding.Carefully Chosen C# Real world Examples, quizzes and exercises designed to help you learn how to think like a programmerImportant Topics and concepts for intermediate and Advanced  C# Developers 

These topics and concepts include object-oriented programming concepts,classes, inheritance , polymorphism , LINQ, Lambda expressions, delegates and events, exception methods, nullable type, Generics, Exception handling, error handling techniques, file handling techniques and many  more.What is different about this book ...The best way to learn C# is by doing and practicing. This book includes unique exercises at the end of each chapter 

that requires the application and demonstration of all the concepts taught in that chapter. Working through the exercises will not only give you an immense sense of 

satisfaction but also boost your confidence in  your programming skills, there are solutions to exercises to enable you  compare with your own solutions.Are you ready to become an expert  C# developer? This book is just what you need.  

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