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Most patchwork quilters follow published patterns and directions for their patchwork quilting projects. If you are ready to design patchwork quilts, or if you merely want to change the size or proportions of a published project or pattern, Math for Quilters empowers you with the mathematics to do the job.

Many patchwork quilters are defeated in their efforts to use math by these problems:
—Making measurement conversions
—Fitting square blocks into rectangular quilt plans
—Planning an on-point setting
—Maximizing fabric and knowing whether they have enough fabric for a particular task
—Figuring how much their work might be worth and what price to ask for it

In Math for Quilters, find the easiest ways to overcome all these and all other obstacles as we revisit the math presented in primary and secondary school in a simplified and quilt-specific form. Learn to plan and design quilts, including how to:
—Set finished measurements for a quilt.
—Determine the number and size of blocks, sashing, borders, and bindings to fill those dimensions.
—Scale and draw blocks to a size appropriate for the design.
—Make patterns and optional templates.
—Calculate the amounts of each fabric needed.
—Examine all the costs of quilting.
—Set prices for your quilts, and even pick up a few pointers for selling them.

Learn to use math to plan and scale a patchwork quilt design to fit your needs, not another's preferences. Math for Quilters is chock full of tables, forms, and samples to be used for many years to come as a basis for recording quilt designs and the strategies for making them. All this and more awaits . . .

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November 25
Dena Dale Crain
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