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This is book 2 in the Vipers MC series! Book 3 is available everywhere now!

Loving her is savage mayhem.

She tore my heart to pieces.

And now she needs my help.

But when I find out what she’s hidden from me, my rage knows no bounds.

Will I punish her for her sins, or keep her safe from our enemies?


My ex-wife left my heart in burning shreds.

I had to find out from a letter that she was leaving me.

She was too much of a coward to even tell me to my face.

But fate has a cruel sense of humor.

And seven years later, when I rescue a woman from a brutal destiny…

It’s her.

She’s just as gorgeous as I remember her.

Smooth curves and dark brown hair.

Creamy skin and lips like sin.

I can’t decide what I crave more:

To claim her or to break her.

I shouldn’t want this. She left me in the dust.

But my mortal enemy wants her blood.

She needs my help.

Only I can protect her.

But Tori has been hiding secrets from me, and now, they threaten to ruin everything.

Damn it all.

I’ll kill everyone in the world if I have to.

I’m not losing my woman again.


Leaving Eli nearly destroyed me.

But I had no choice.

Seven years after I threw away the love of my life, he somehow finds me again.

Just when I need him, the man I’ve always loved grabbed me from the jaws of death.

Eli is an enigma, chaos personified.

Both sweet and savage, kind and cruel.

My angel. My demon. My savior. My doom.

But my body still longs for his, and I can’t help but give in to his touch.

It’s everything I remember and more.

There’s no time to relax, though.

The killers on my trail are threatening to ruin my rediscovered paradise.

Eli says he’ll keep me safe from them.

He says, this time around, he won’t let me go again.

But he doesn’t know about the secrets I’ve been hiding from him.

And if he finds out what I’ve done…

I might lose everything once more.

August 23
Sopris Page Press Inc.
Sopris Page Press Inc.

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