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Everyone deserves happiness....Even 'The Terrible'.
This story is the sequel to a book I have previously written and published in 2018 called; The Return of Maleficent.

In that story, Sleeping Beauty's nemesis, Maleficent is resurrected by the three 'Good Fairies'; Flores, Fauna, and Mary for her knowledge on how to end the sleeping curse that is once more on the loose. Their combined magic proved to be too strong and ends up turning Maleficent from the dark queen of magic into the beautiful young woman she once was before she cursed the world and swore her revenge upon it by becoming one of the most powerful Sorceress in the world.

Fauna, the green Fairy finds herself entrusted with this new Maleficent. With the help of her smitten bodyguard they embark on a magical adventure and learn that true love is still one of the strongest forms of magic...

The reason I have chosen to write stories about 'villains' is because I never viewed them as that. I saw strong, capable women who had unbearable heartache in their lives and were never truly able to express their pain or truly grieve for their losses. They were made hard by society and it's rigor. They chose to be rebellious because it let them live a life with a certain freedom and independence they would otherwise not be privy to if they followed society's rules. I also admire the fact that these women were ahead of their time in fashion and in their approach to living in an intolerable world.

I hope by writing this book it also makes you ponder about the strong influence the #metoo movement would have had on these women and other women's lives. When Medusa had been violated would she have had to suffer so cruelly at the hands of the gods? What if Maleficent hadn't had to turn evil and instead, was just a normal girl, living a quiet, peaceful life?

I hope through these books I can at least try to give them a different narrative. I hope we all can see that if these 'villains' can have happy endings then we should at least try and do the same.

Never forget happiness and joy come from within.

It is a free gift everyone deserves.

Everyone deserves happiness not at the expense of anyone else losing anything, but at the expense of gaining everything.

I hope you enjoy the story and thanks again for taking the time out of your day to read my books.

Happy Reading !!


November 22
Jessica G.Rabbit
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