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Meet Me

Through the Simple Words of Poetry

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Note to the Reader
This is just a quick note to the reader. Obviously if you bought my book then
you enjoy poetry. When I began writing poetry I was a 13 year old eighth grader. I
had never ever attempted writing a poem before that. I guess the way that I started
with poetry was bottling everything inside me that I had to let it out somehow. So I
ended up writing about it. I didnt notice that it had taken the form of a poem until
halfway through it. To me it sounded so much like a poem. I showed it to my friend
and she asked me when I took poetry lessons. Funny thing is that I never took
poetry lessons. It just came out of me. I got encouraged so I began to write down
everything that came to my mind. Unfortunately I was young, so most of my poems
were about love and pain. I knew I could use my poem skills to write inspirational
and better poems than just love, but I never took that into consideration. It was only
until this year that I started to wise up. I began writing about inspirational topics.
I got so happy when I wrote my first uplifting poem. It was like lifting a burden off
my shoulders. Everything that is written in this book is meant with all good means.
Some people say its a talent, some people say that its a gift. Well whatever it is,
I want to share it with you. Im a 14 year old tenth grader (sophomore) now and I
know Im young. Im sure youll like my poetry, and if you dont just keep in mind
that Im still very young. I respect your opinion. Im still trying to get better. Im not
perfect. I really hope you enjoy the book!

Fiction & Literature
September 24