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When it comes to retro pop quizzes featuring the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's this has something for everyone as well as having something extra about it. There are easy and hard questions and many in between but the slant of this book is for you to also learn some little known pop trivia gems and fascinating facts that will impress your friends long after you have played the quiz. For instance, did you know legendary actor Clint Eastwood had a number one hit single in the UK? You to could win yourself £100 into the bargain The author of this book Russell C. Brennan has been a mad record collector since the age of 4, and over the years has absorbed pop trivia like most people absorb air. He also started as a DJ at the tender age of 15 going on to be one of the top international DJs by the age of 18. He then actually married a pop singer and wrote and produced songs for her (full details in his biog contained in the book) and he also started many music trends whilst producing acts and having over 300 releases as a record producer. He has featured in a few bands himself and written a popular book called 'Music Business Bastards' (How to do well in the music Business without getting ripped off). He also managed a popular record shop where its key to success was his knowledge. But his pop trivia expertise knows no bounds as he even won a big PRS music industry Pop Quiz against industry experts which was all the more impressive as his two team mates didn't turn up for the final and he was one against a team of three and still won. When it comes to pop trivia doing this book was a natural for Russell to do.

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November 14
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