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Men of Mettle contains seven books. The cyborgs of the clandestine military unit Cyber Operations are the only force preventing galactic domination by a terrorist mastermind. The only thing more dangerous than saving the galaxy is falling in love...

Cyborg Protector (Men of Mettle 1)

When cyborg Brock Mann is ordered to protect a planetary ambassador, he discovers she’s the woman from his past who almost ruined his life. He’ll do his duty, but he won’t fall in love with her. Cyborg Protector was previously titled Stranded with the Cyborg.

Cyborg Rogue (Men of Mettle 2)

Cyborg Kai Andros’s mission is to infiltrate a terrorist’s space station, get the intel, and get out. His orders said nothing about rescuing Mariska, the enemy’s innocent daughter. Now Cyber Operations and the terrorists are on their tail. Cyborg Rogue was previously titled Mated with the Cyborg.

Cyborg Boss (Men of Mettle 3)

Ex-Cyber Operations field agent Dale Homme who runs a secret spaceship factory has developed a sixth sense for smelling trouble. When lllumina applies for a job, he knows in minutes everything about her is false. Common sense says send her packing. His gut says she needs his protection. Cyborg Boss was previously titled Captured by the Cyborg.

Cyborg Heat (Men of Mettle 4)

Amanda Mansfield is a cyborg with something to prove. Sonny Masters is a former thug turned cyborg with nothing to lose. The only thing more dangerous than teaming up for a suicide mission is falling in love. Cyborg Heat was previously titled Trapped with the Cyborg.

Cyborg Mate (Men of Mettle 5)

Future empress Julietta never intended to fall in love with a Terran man while visiting Earth. Leaving to fulfill her responsibilities on her home planet opened up a hole in her heart that could never be filled. When March Fellows, now a cyborg, unexpectedly shows up on the eve of her arranged marriage, she and March are thrust into a political conspiracy that threatens her empire and their lives. Cyborg Mate was previously titled Claimed by the Cyborg.

Cyborg Rescuer (Men of Mettle 6)

Hostage Solia waits for death at the hands of vicious predatory aliens when Cyber Operations agent Guy Roarke disobeys orders and charges in. Can he overcome the guilt of past mistakes in time to save her life? Cyborg Rescuer was previously titled Rescued by the Cyborg and published in Pets in Space 2: Embrace the Romance.

Cyborg Commander (Men of Mettle 7)

Billionaire cyborg Carter Aymes devotes his wealth and time to saving lives. When he hires Beth O’Shea, a courageous woman with connections to his past, the attraction is immediate and strong. As their relationship heats up, so does the urgency to capture a terrorist mastermind before he can unleash a stealth weapon at a critical planetary summit. With millions of lives at stake, Carter discovers that stopping the attack may require sacrificing Beth’s life. Will Carter be able to rescue her, or will his new love be the one person he can’t save? Cyborg Commander was previously titled Hunted by the Cyborg.

August 6
Cara Bristol
Robin Valaitis-Heflin

Customer Reviews

JJTHoltz ,

Great Boxset!

This box set has everything you could hope for. Hunky cyborg men who aim to save the day? Check! Strong women who help say the day right beside their men? Double check! Love and romance among the stars? Check, check and check! I loved every single story in this boxset!

Thunderingwildebeast ,

Awesome collection

This is an amazing collection of stories and includes the entire Men of Mettle Cyborg romance series. I enjoyed the stories very much and particularly liked the way the Cyborgs were matched with their perfect equals. The women were strong and capable in their own right and though they were struggling to overcome various difficulties, they were not helpless. Their partnerships were strong and mutually beneficial. My favourite story (and it was a tough choice!) was Cyborg Boss. I loved Illumina and Dale together and the struggle that she faced was especially poignant. Cyborg Commander was a very close second. This collection is a real steal and was hours of reading pleasure.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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