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This new 10th anniversary edition of Menus & Memories from Punjab brings readers even more classic favorites from the Punjabi kitchen with 10 new menu chapters and dozens of new recipes! More than an exceptional guide to India’s most popular cuisine, this is also the intimate saga of a Punjabi family told through the food that has sustained and comforted them through the years.

Princes, poets, farmers and Punjabi immigrants across generations live on in these recipes and vignettes. At the heart of this cookbook-memoir is the story of two women, a Punjabi villager and her American daughter-in-law, and the lives they built together. Each chapter features a family story, historical figure, or seasonal festival along with recipes that typify the exuberant culture of Punjab. Tantalizing appetizers, entrees, sides and desserts are clearly marked vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Ayurvedic principles and the health benefits of spices are the cornerstones of these recipes.

The thirty-two menus feature a wide-ranging array of foods—from rustic roadside dhaba offerings to elegant entrees that have graced the tables of Maharajahs.

Sample recipes:
Butter Chicken (Murgh Mukhanee) Whole-wheat flatbreads (Phulka) Ground Lamb Kebabs (Seekh Kebabs) Mixed Greens with Lentils (Saron da Saag) Tandoori Chicken Cornmeal Flatbreads (Mukkee dee rotee) Creamy Black Lentils (Mahan dee daal) Fried Fish Fritters (Muchee Pakora) Carrot Almond Halva (Gajjerella)
With a full glossary of Punjabi food terms, a detailed guide to spices and their health benefits, as well as tips and timetables for every menu, author Veronica Sidhu gives both novice and experienced chefs all the tools they need to make authentic, flavorful Punjabi meals. Whether you want to re-create a favorite restaurant dish or a recipe from your Punjabi grandmother's kitchen, this cookbook will be your trusted guide.

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September 24
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