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After a young woman has a flashback involving an underwater adventure, her and her boyfriend decide to investigate the mystery of the mermaid from Tillamook Cove. An unforgettable experience follows as one of them is transformed into the mythological sea creature, and the temptation of open waters being an avenue for permanent freedom might prevent them from setting foot on land again.

Length: 16,600 words

This work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes with erotic descriptions. Themes include gender transformations, erotic mysteries, mermaid encounters, transformations into mermaids, scenes of peril, and other perverted fantasies. For mature audiences only. All characters over 18 years old.


John had never felt so alive in his entire life. All it took was one swift kick of his tail to send him gliding forward at the speed of an automobile. The deep waters rushed past him, parting over his face and sliding over his aerodynamic body, while his tail fins kept him straight as an arrow and reduced the drag, allowing him to drift for what seemed like an eternity.

When he broke the surface for the first time after leaving the beach, John saw that he was already beyond the small gap connecting the cove with the rest of the ocean. After going under a second time and swimming further, John rose again and saw the shoreline off in the distance, obscured by a slight haze and nearly unrecognizable. His breath was hardly strained, and John's abundant energy kept him in constant motion. When he wasn't seeing how fast his tail could shoot him forward, he was diving down to the ocean floor and touching the bottom, mentally counting how long it took for him to break the surface again. When he did so, his entire body flung into the air, performed a half-rotation, and came crashing down again in a violent splash.

Underneath, between the darkness of a never-ending bottom and the shimmering curtains of light dancing below the surface, John floated with his tail stretched out long and stiff, and his arms extended so that he would remain upright. Even after exerting himself, he wasn't the least bit exhausted, and he estimated that five minutes passed before he needed to go up and swallow another gulp of fresh oxygen.

When his vision had adjusted to the underwater environment, John found that he could almost see just as well as he could up above. The ocean floor was a hundred feet off, yet he could easily pick out the seabed off in the distance while he hovered above it. Schools of fish swam in large groups several hundred strong, and plants waved back and forth as if caught in constant slow-motion.

A dark shape passed overhead in conjunction with a pointed shadow. John gazed up as it went by, listening to the mechanical whine of an engine. The disturbance of the boat caused John to fall and rise in oscillations with the water around him, and everything returned to equilibrium once more when the boat was far off in the distance and just a dark speck.

John was more relaxed than he could ever remember in his life. There was no worry out in the ocean, just an endless void open for exploration. There were no barriers to keep him pinned, nor rules to tell him what he could and couldn't do. He was completely free to do as he pleased, and no one could tell him otherwise.
John stayed that way for so long that he lost track of time, and only broke the surface when he needed more air. In between breaths, he wafted around aimlessly, letting the current carry his body to a destination he did not have. Around him, everything was quiet. Silhouettes of birds circled overhead, and every once in a while John felt a fish tickle him as it passed. None of them shied away from his presence, for he was one of them now. In this watery habitat, he belonged.

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June 8
Gregor Daniels
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