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The YMCA clock across the street from the King David struck midnight. Being jolted awake, Micah sat straight up in his bed. He was covered in sweat and gasping for air.

“It was a dream! Oh God, it was all a dream. You have just shown me the past, the present and the future, just like those heavenly unicorns said you would. But God how does the hospital collapse? And what does Amir and Associates have to do with all this? And dear Lord, does Jason have to die? Is there no alternative? Why wouldn’t those unicorns answer my questions?”


In Volume IV of the Christian fantasy series, “The Divine Commissions of Eli and Jasmine - Servants of the Most High God”, Micah Collins heads to Jerusalem to oversee the construction of a new children’s hospital. But upon arrival he soon discovers God has plans to use his prophetic gifts to not only save lives, but redeem the soul of a Jewish contractor. Unseen battles rage through the city as one man is forced to choose between bitterness and faith, between greed and family.

On every page of this intense, action-packed story, readers eight years and up will experience real-to-life adventures of epic struggles between angels and demons, of choices and consequences, of sin and redemption, of love and forgiveness, of family and faith.

Christian parents will appreciate the redemptive messages woven throughout each of the Divine Commission adventures, as themes challenge young readers to personally apply biblical truths to their own, every-day moral dilemmas.

Young Adult
September 6
Donna J. Farris
Smashwords, Inc.

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