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Are you plagued by compulsive thinking? Do you have a voice inside your head that tends to obsess, complain, compare and criticize yourself and others? Do you feel like a hostage to your mind's whims? 

If you're ready to start harnessing the present and living in the now, this is the ideal book to introduce you to the basics of mindfulness meditation. Keep reading! 

The mind loves to hold onto the illusion that it has control over situations and to immerse itself in thought. In reality, your thoughts are just a tiny piece of who you are. You are actually the awareness that witnesses those thoughts. As soon as you begin to observe the patterns of your thoughts and refrain from identifying with or judging them, you can enter a state of joy and peace

Mindfulness will allow you to immerse yourself in the experiences happening right now. Of course, having an idea of what your future will be like, and learning from your past is important. Yet, pausing to shift your mind to the present gives you power to continue moving forward effectively. 

In Mindfulness for Beginners: Declutter your Mind and Overcome Anxiety, Anger, Depression, and Borderline Personality Disorder Becoming Aware of the Present Moment by Practicing Mindfulness Meditations, Elizabeth Broks outlines what mindfulness is and how it can help you experience a state of flow, increased peace of mind and greater happiness. This practical guidebook includes:

4 key questions to ask yourself for present moment awareness
Top 6 myths about mindfulness
11 mindfulness techniques that can be done anywhere
Mindfulness exercises for children, teens, young adults and the whole family to practice together
Several amazing guided meditations to start your mindfulness meditation journey
Common obstacles to mindfulness and how to overcome them
Tips on managing anxiety and anger through mindfulness
And much more!

Scientific researchers have found that mindfulness has positive effects on the brain, memory, creativity and attentiveness. Even if you have a tendency to think over thoughts again and again, relive the past and obsess over the unknown future, you can begin on the path of mindfulness today.

Mindfulness is free, and it's your birthright as a human being. The meditation practices clearly presented in this book can help you live a more mindful, happy and peaceful life. 

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to fully arrive right here and right now. Get started in this present moment with one simple CLICK OF THE BUY BUTTON!

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November 29
Elizabeth Broks
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