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Poor Miriam! They say she's crazy because she hears loud, angry voices.
Unknown to anyone, she is one of the strongest telepaths on the planet.
Untrained, unable to block the voices, she cannot function in normal society

She is doomed to live out her days in the Sanitarium.
Miriam is resigned to her fate. There are many things she will never know:
Freedom. A normal life. Love. But she is coping and has even made a few friends.

Someone suspects the truth. That she is telepathic. They will kill to possess her!
When armed gunmen show up at the Sanitarium looking for her, she begins a journey that may free her or kill her.

One man seeks to help her. But he is not who he seems!
With his help, Miriam discovers she has telepathy.
Her gift is strong, untrained, and dangerous. That is what others seek and will kill to get.
Perhaps Miriam will have a chance at love and a normal life after all. If she can control the voices.

They clasped hands, fingers intertwined. The physical touch added a completely new level of sensitivity to Jerry. She could feel the valves opening and closing in
his heart. She watched the constriction of the chambers that caused his heartbeat, his respiration, the blood pulsing through his body.

She could sense the neurons firing. His body was like an electric light show on the
shadow plain they both shared.

She strived to read his thoughts. That was much harder. Like the other times, she could sense a hazy cloud of energy around his brain.
She stayed focused upon Jerry's body and expanded her awareness to his mind. She felt a jolt when she touched his thoughts with her own. He focused on her, thinking warm and tender thoughts.

She saw herself as he saw her in his mind. She was soft, cuddly, funny, and very innocent. He loved her childlike wonder at the world around him. She glowed very brightly on the mindplane, like a bright star.

Her awareness of him was just as tantalizing and enticing as his awareness of her. She sank deeper into his head, seeing things that no one else knew about.

Suddenly her head swam from the mental feedback as their thoughts passed between them.

It reminded her of two mirrors pointed toward each other, each reflecting itself in the other, on into infinity. She retreated for a moment to recover.

"Wow!" Jerry said. "That was intense."

"Yes," Agreed Miriam. She dipped into that pool again and they felt the jolt of shared *EVERYTHING* on the mental plain. It was seductive, naughty, and so very right.

Their thoughts became an open book to one another. He saw how the voices felt to her and he nearly cried with anguish for her. She saw his interest in her, the feelings he was not sure it was right to express until she was better and able to make good decisions.

He learned the meaning of physical therapy and felt a white-hot spike of rage that someone would do that to her. She felt deep and abiding warmth for him that he cared so much.

She saw how much he wanted her - and he saw how much she wanted him.

Nothing else mattered now. She was not sure who initiated the kiss. It was hard to tell whose lips were on whose. Whose tongue was in whose mouth. They were one in thought and deed, each wanting and sensing and feeling the event from both sides.

Then they were in each others arms, holding and being held, kissing and being kissed. They continued kissing, feeling, and sharing thoughts for a long time or perhaps it only seemed that way due to their reflected oneness.

May 21
Ken Rander
Smashwords, Inc.

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novella62 ,

Miriam breaking free

Too short. Needs to be a full novel.

Splenda9 ,

Miriam - Breaking Free (Paranormals)

Author , Ken Rander
Captivating, so erotic, adventurist, romance, telepathy! Awesome read! Definately want to read more and find out what happens!

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