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Mrs. Julia Reid Paxton was a wonderfully gentlewoman who graciously accepted the challenge of writing a book with me which would say all those things to the children of the world that she was unable to say to children of her own. Her life was filled with the memories of missionary service in Cuba, then Florida, San Antonio, Texas working with Mexican-Americans, and her final year as a missionary was in Houma, Louisiana. Upon retiring from that service, she continued the same work on a daily basis with people in her hometown, Lake Charles, Louisiana where she was born at home and raised. Her activities included organizations in and outside her home church, First United Methodist Church on Broad St. Although she was born into a large family, she and her husband, W. W. Paxton, had no children of their own. Love delivered to all children she met filled that spot in her heart. Her own mother, Annie Henington Reid, was very religious and was the most influential presence in her life. Her father, Andrew Jackson Reid, the Chief of Police in Lake Charles, died of blood poisoning when she was twelve years old.

The characters in this book are fictitious combinations of family, friends and imagination of this writer. The delicious taste of her imaginary life as my Grandma, only teased my appetite for more interviews with this colorful yet humble lady. Her outlook was perpetually optimistic and she never looked back for regrets. Not listening enough to others was her self criticism. According to her, this was very important in getting along with all people. Lake Charles was her home close to her church and life long friends until her death in 1999. Her inspiration was motivating and I truly miss our time together as I dedicate this beginning to her.

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September 19

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