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Holding the cricket bat in her hand, Ms. Stiles sat down on the office’s leather sofa. “Leg raises,” she said. Owen lay on the office floor, right in front of Ms. Stiles, slipped his hands under his butt, and lifted his feet off the floor. “So, to be clear, you understand our agreement, correct? You must do everything I say, and if I am satisfied with you, I might grant you the honor of asking for my niece’s hand in marriage.”

“Yes, Ms. Stiles,” Owen wheezed out. Ms. Stiles leaned forward and held up a black card with maroon lettering that said: Mistress Made Me.

“Have you seen a card like this before?”


“And you know whenever this card is presented, the person it is presented to must do whatever the person holding the card desires?”


“You used one of these cards to have intercourse with my secretary in the mailroom, didn’t you?”

You know I did. You wanted me to! “Yes, Ms. Stiles.”

“Julia,” Ms. Stiles called for her secretary. Owen’s back sang with pain as he continued keeping his feet off the ground. “Julia, how was the sex with Owen? Should I recommend him to my niece?”

“No, Ms. Stiles. He didn’t really have sex with me. He used my body to masturbate inside of. It was quite unpleasant.”

“Oh, that’s not good. My niece deserves a gifted lover. And Julia, what do my employees have to do to succeed here?”

“Whatever you tell them to do, Ms. Stiles.”

“You see, Owen,” Ms. Stiles said, “Julia is quite smart.”

“Ms. Stiles,” Julia said, “there is a wad of chewing gum on the bottom of your shoe.”

Indeed there was a wad of chewing gum flattened on the sole. “This city is filthy,” Ms. Stiles said. She dangled her shoe in front of Owen’s face. “Clean off my shoe, Owen.” He started to shift so as to get his hand out from under him, but Ms. Stiles gave him a quick kick to the jaw. “With your mouth, Owen.”

Owen looked over at Ms. Stiles. She’s serious. He cast another glance at Julia, who was smirking. Office workers passed by in the hallway behind Julia.

Trying at first to lick the gum off, Owen was unsuccessful. Owen craned his neck and managed to scrape at the gum with his bottom teeth. After several passes, the gum unrolled from the shoe sole and fell into Owen’s mouth.

“Swallow it,” Ms. Stiles said. Owen gagged a bit, but managed to get it down. “Good boy. You should get a bottle of mouthwash to keep in your locker if we are going to continue this game.”

“You asked to see me, Virginia?” Richard Murdock said.

“Yes, Richard. Thank you for stopping by. This is Owen, your new mentee. I want you to show him the ropes. ”

Looking down at the floor, at Owen, Richard said, “From the mailroom, right?”

“Yes sir,” Owen squeaked out, his face red.

“And Richard,” Ms. Stiles added, “good job on the Mercantile deal. Here’s a Scooby Snack for you.” Owen watched as Ms. Stiles passed a Mistress Made Me card to Richard Murdock.

“Thank you, Virginia. My pleasure,” Richard Murdock said, pocketing the card before he left.

Owen let his feet fall to the floor. Ms. Stiles peered down at him, cricket bat in hand, and said, “You better hope he is fonder of Julia than he is of you, Owen.” Turning the bat in her grasp, she added, “You should definitely get a bottle of mouthwash to keep in your locker.”

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June 20
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