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The national bestseller that helps you turn common sense into money in the bank—now updated with 10 new rules to live by

Gail Vaz-Oxlade likes to say that managing money isn’t rocket science, it’s discipline. But even she acknowledges that there are tricks to her trade and that making money decisions often feels more complicated than it needs to be. So, where do you start? With Gail’s Money Rules, of course—her essential rules for making your money work for you.

Covering every topic under the financial sun—from TFSAs to taxes, borrowing to breaking bad habits, relationships to RRSPs—Gail will show you that many of the rules you may have been following might actually be working against your best interests. Some of her advice is, as she says, common sense (Rule #17: Needs Must Come Before Wants), some of it is surprising (Rule #222: Don’t Borrow to Contribute to an RRSP) and some may even seem counterintuitive coming from Gail (Rule #261: Take Pleasure from Your Money). New to this edition are rules that will help you maximize the return on your savings, get your head straight about what renovations really mean for your bottom line, and calculate your burn rate. All of the rules are divided into digestible pieces that give you a clear sense of what works and what doesn’t—and how to start incorporating her advice into your life today.

For money-phobes, this book will be a kick in the pants; for money minders, it will ease the worry that they’ve left a stone unturned; for everyone, Money Rules reveals what it takes to build a financial foundation that will last a lifetime.

Business & Personal Finance
December 18
Harper Collins Canada Limited

Customer Reviews

Troov ,

Another great book by Gail

I think this is a great book for learning about money. I myself have learned quite a bit after reading it once, and will be reading it a few more times for sure!

B.McD ,

Easy Read

Keeps things simple, very easy to get through quickly. Confirmed things I already knew and got me thinking differently about some other things. Could have used a bit more detail on investing, it was just touched on a few times.

Pet-Sitter ,

Great tips

The topics jump all over the place and are in no particular order. It would be nice if they were in order, but the book is no-nonsense and easy to read, and full of amazing tips. I still love Gail! Awesome stuff.

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