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“Rich characters and a love of unique twists top off a captivating and sometimes gruesome collection of nightmares” from the award-winning author of Volk (Corey Redekop, author of Husk).
Winner of the Black Quill Reader’s Choice Award, Monstrous Affections heralded the appearance of a thrilling new writer on the horror scene, praised by the National Post as “a worthy heir to the mantle of Stephen King.”
David Nickle’s debut collection features “13 terrifying tales of rural settings, complex and reticent characters and unexpected twists that question the fundamentals of reality. All are delivered with a certain grace, creating a sparse yet poetic tour of the horrors that exist just out of sight. Standout stories include ‘Janie and the Wind,’ where a battered, abandoned woman does what she needs to survive; ‘Other People’s Kids,’ a disturbing examination of the razor-thin moment dividing childhood from maturity and the hand holding that razor; and ‘The Pit Heads,’ a phenomenal story about the cold remnants of a Canadian mining town and the true cost of beauty. This ambitious collection firmly establishes Nickle as a writer to watch” (Publishers Weekly, starred review).
“Brilliant . . . You’d think that you were reading a book full of what you had always expected a horror story to be, but Nickle takes a left turn and blindsides you with tales that are not of the norm, but are all the more horrific because of the surprise twists, darkness and raw emotion.” —January Magazine, “Best Books of 2009”
“David Nickle writes ’em damned weird and damned good and damned dark. He is bourbon-rough, poetic and vivid. Don’t miss this one.” —Cory Doctorow, New York Times–bestselling author

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November 24
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