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"More Girls on Girls: More Erotic Stories featuring Lesbian BDSM" is the second anthology in the best-selling "Girls on Girls" series. It features nine stories filled with erotic girl-on-girl BDSM and hot sex. Written by some of the Internet's finest erotica authors, this sexy collection will fan the flames of desire for any fan of erotic, hard-core female bondage and punishment.

"Interview with Nasty Girl," by Matt Nicholson, tells the story of two women, a big-breasted groupie whose hobby is rock stars, and the singer known as "Nas-T-Girl." Her hobbies include big-breasted groupies, bondage and BDSM. When the two women’s hobbies collide, who comes out on top?

Cherry Lee, leads off with "Double Play," a story in which two women, one dark and Amazonian; the other petite, blonde and delicate; experience and treat each other to erotic torment, discipline and pleasure that will have their carnival audience—and themselves—clamoring for more.

Jon Hayworth pens "The Lash," a tale of two women with a traveling circus that awe the crowds with displays of axe and knife throwing and bullwhip skills that always seemed just a slip away from peril. But it’s after the crowds had gone that the lovers really work, and the lashes and blades become as erotic and dangerous as the sex.

"Working Women," by James Beckwith, turns a kidnapping-for-hire into an erotic contest of manipulation between a highly-skilled dominatrix and the attractive corporate professional she has been charged with kidnapping, with sex, bondage and torment all tools in that will decide both their fates forever.

In "Where There’s a Will," by Lee Ash, they start as roommates, eager to learn what life is all about, a relationship that takes them down forbidden paths of ecstasy and pain. When times turned hard, they decided to become Black Widows, and it isn’t long before a betrayal leads one to show the other the true meaning of erotic pleasure and the depths of pain.

"Sapphire’s Journey," a three-parter by D. Musgrave, introduces you to a stereotypical librarian, quiet and vanilla, who wants to experience the world of raw sex, pleasure and pain the women in the books all find. In a fit of daring, she goes to a tattoo parlor in search of a piercing. But the couple inside sees her for the pain slut she really is, which is when her journey to becoming "Sapphire" begins.

Finally, Norma Jean narrates "Her First Time," a story of a virgin submissive eager to learn how to please and willing to experience everything her new mistress has in store for her—even when “everything” takes her downs paths of pain—and pleasure—she never imagined possible.

(Editor's Note: This work contains graphic language and sometimes extreme sexual depictions of consensual female bondage and sadomasochism. It is intended for mature audiences only and is not suitable for persons under eighteen years of age.)

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March 16
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