Mothering and Daughtering

Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years

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Mothers and daughters share, and want, a bond for life—one that can remain positive and grow stronger with each passing year. Sil and Eliza Reynolds have designed a set of tools to assist you in nurturing that bond. If you're locked in a clash of wills or fear the prospect of getting into one, with Mothering and Daughtering you can learn how to build the foundation for a deep and lasting relationship that is a source of support, joy, and love throughout your lives.

Offering you two breakthrough guides in one, Mothering and Daughtering was created to help you find and protect the unique treasure that is your relationship. For moms, Sil addresses the central task of stopping the cycle of separation and anxiety that plagues so many, drawing on her clinical expertise to nurture the skills of listening, boundary setting, mirroring, containing, and more. Turn the book over, and Eliza shares empowering advice to teens looking to keep it real with Mom while also finding strength in their own intuition, friendships, and dreams. Packed with practical exercises, activities, and lifesaving insights gleaned from Sil and Eliza's workshops, Mothering and Daughtering explores these essential topics and more:

Your best friend known as your intuition
Navigating the treacherous territories of comparison, performance, and perfectionism
Dispelling the rejection myth
Sex, positive discipline, and how to prevent a technological take-over
Winning the body love battle
Healing your emotional legacy
Humor, truth, trust, and love—instead of trying to be perfect
Repairing ruptures and getting to the bottom of misunderstandings
Locating your fundamental bond that always connects you beneath your daily squabbles

“No one, nowhere, connects just like you,” write Sil and Eliza. Whether you are already thriving in your relationship or merely surviving, Mothering and Daughtering is an indispensable resource to honor and strengthen that one-of-a-kind connection through the years ahead.

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