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Mountaineering Methodology is a multimedia textbook intended for beginners and advanced climbers who wish to devote themselves to mountaineering in its various forms, whether rock climbing, artificial climbing walls, ascents in the mountains up rock, snow, and ice, or protected routes (klettersteig, via ferrata).

Mountaineering Methodology is composed of several sections; each section is one book. That way the series follows an ideal path for the growing awareness of the beginning student of mountaineering. If you are just getting started with mountaineering, we would definitely recommend that you start with the first section, and then continue gradually from there. The level where you will complete your education is entirely up to you.

There are, of course, a vast number of pictures, photographs, as well as videos and various interactive images and quizzes. This textbook is not superficial. At key points it is very detailed, and doesn’t simply tell you what you should do but also explains why you should do it. It has been written from the conviction that a thorough and clear understanding of the subject is the most basic element of safely practicing mountaineering.

In the second section, which you can download right here, the following topics are covered: an overview of mountaineering gear, a description of mountaineering rope, carabiners, harnesses, an overview of protection devices and a description of the ones most widely used, a summary of protection devices such as chocks and other similar devices, helmets, ascenders, ice axes and crampons, and other mountaineering gear; among mountaineering apparel you will find jackets, footwear, backpacks, sleeping bags, clothing layering systems for various climbs, and also a summary of other mountaineering accessories such as cookers, tents, bivouac and camp items, and orientation devices – in short, a summary of the many things which you may need, depending on the type of climb you choose.

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March 17
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Tomas Kublak

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