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“A gift of love to others who are seeking solace.” —Olivia Newton-John

On the morning of May 11, 2015, Erin Davis, one of Canada’s most beloved radio personalities, suffered a devastating blow

Erin was on set in Jamaica when she received the news that her twenty-four-year-old daughter, Lauren—who had marked a joyous Mother’s Day just hours before—had failed to awaken to her baby’s cries. Thus began Erin’s journey of grieving out loud with her family, friends and listeners, and of demonstrating how to pick up and keep going after experiencing the worst loss a parent can endure. Struck with grief and unable to find the answer to why Lauren had died, Erin and her husband, Rob, started down the long road through loss, determined not only to survive but also to reclaim the joy in their lives.

Inspiring and unflinching, Mourning Has Broken charts a way forward after life has dealt a crushing blow. It reminds us that we are not alone in grief, and that although life is unpredictable and unfair, we can survive and return to joy.

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February 26
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Customer Reviews

numbers gamer ,

Your heart will go on!

What a heart wrenching journey taken by a family of those loved by many. I cried when I read this beautiful book, which is well written, extremely honest and emotional.
I cannot begin to imagine your pain and disbelief of these events over which Erin and all the family had no control.
My only wish to the whole family is that they find strength to continue along life’s path in the light of such devastating personal tragedy.
I am one of the hundreds who do not have the right words of comfort nor wisdom- truly who does as other such griefs are all individual challenges, no two are alike.
May you find peace , comfort and endurance from each other and enjoy the little boy, Colin, through whom Lauren continues to be present.
God be with you all, now and always.
My sincere condolences and love for your continued journey. Jacquie Lowes

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